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Q&A with Sandy Moss Archives

Q&A with Sandy Moss

Monday – Thursday 3pm to 4pm

Q&A with Sandy Moss’ new KQNA incarnation began with an all-new one-hour-long live show on January 3, 2006. Before that, Sandy’s show had been much shorter and pre-recorded. For more than seven years, Sandy has been interviewing everyone from area police, to visiting celebrities, getting the latest news of non-profits, financial advice, and even the Best of the News from KDDL’s Gregory Scott. Q&A with Sandy Moss is a four-day-a-week show on KQNA AM 1130 and 99.9 FM that will inform and entertain.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 11-29-12

Movie Talk with Mike Kenny; “Four Tickets to Christmas” with choir director Merlene Neil; “Santa to a Senior” with Home Instead Sr. Cares’ Susan Abbott.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 11-28-12

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 11-27-12

Mile High Challenge with Coach; United Blood Services’ Jean-Marie Hill; Cs’ Xmases with First Things First’s Claire Louge.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 11-26-12

Educational Endowment Program: PUSD Superintendent David Smucker, Ali Hussain; Tim’s Auto Group GM; Tax Credits for Boys & Girls Clubs with Casey Knight; YHS Missy; Sanford.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 11-21-12

Cason Murphy and Sean Jeralds re “Tuna Christmas”; CCJ’s Art of Compassion with Michael Dummeyer; Gregory Scott.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 11-20-12


Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 11-15-12


Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 11-14-12


Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 11-13-12


Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 11-12-12


Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 11-8-12

Featuring:Rue of Sedona Film Festival; Movie Talk with Mike Kenny.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 11-6-12

Veronica Phillips re PCA Fashion fundraiser; Loreli Sazeski re Whiskey Row Screen Printing; FFA Fundraiser.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 11-5-12

Featuring: Master’s Touch Tours Warren Micale re Hurricane Sandy relief; YHS, Sanford Cohen.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 11-1-12

Featuring: Searingen and Kellie, pop duo coming to Elks; Barry Barbe re Sharlot “Haul” event

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-31-12

Featuring: Pat Frayne, author of childrens’ spooky books;Russell Kaine, author of “Bumble Bee” an Arizona-based hauntings book;Gregory Scott

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-30-12

Featuring: Christine Diehl or Yavapai Health Center re “Let’s Talk” month; Pct Police Crime Prevention Specialist Traces Gordon re Halloween Safety

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-29-12

Featuring: YEI’s Brad Newman re grant and Comedian’s Club; YHS; sports.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-25-12

Featuring: Author Mike Rothmiller re new book; Cindy Gresser re Day of the Dead at Smoki; Nathan Wiggins re Rotary dinner.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-24-12

Featuring: AWEE President Marie Sullivan; Dusty Spitler re Yavapai BB/BS re gala; Gregory with Best of the News.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-23-12

Featuring: Dr. Kevin Doyle/Granite Mountain Homecare and Hospice; Eagle Scout Wyatt Brannon about a food drive; Cason Murphy re Ghost Talk.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-22-12

Featuring: WILLA Award-wining author Amy Hale Auker; YHS Sports.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-18-12

Featuring: Mr. Boogie Woogie at Elks; Juni Fischer at Elks.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-17-12

Featuring: Merry Nebeker & Tommy Meredith re courthouse lighting; Rue re Sedona Film School; Gregory Scott w/ Best of the News.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-16-12

Featuring: AGF Chris parish re Condor Project; John Waxman, Eagle’s Tribute at Elks.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-15-12

Featuring: Author Fred Veil re book on major league gpa; YHS Missy Paschke-Wood re Critter Catch-Up; Sanford Cohen.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-11-12

Featuring: Alex Flores re Louis Prima Tribute at Elks; Movie Talk with Dan Harkins.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-10-12

Featuring: Ginny Reeves and Sandra Arquette re “Deadly Incentive”; Clyde Neville re LVP’s “Oliver”; Gregory Scott w/ Best of the News.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-9-12

Featuring: Sedona Arts Festival with Sedona Arts Festival; Louis Mackall and Ellen Tyeler with the Potato patch String Band.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-8-12

Featuring: Historian Willuam Weiss re Cuban Missile Crisis; Missy from YHS with Critter Catch-Up;Sanford Cohen.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-4-12

Featuring: Movie Talk with Mike Kenny; Magician Andy Gross; Bob Greene and Mike Nathy re Agua Fria Festival.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-3-12

Featuring: Gene Steffen re “The Crane Track”; Bill Monroe with Best of the News.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-2-12

Featuring: Kim Walsh re Recovery Magazine; Eric Smith re Prescott’s Great Outdoors; Georgene Lockwood re MAG Studio Tour.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 10-1-12

Featuring: Fetu Escoto-Dyke re MS Walk; Missy from YHS; Sanford Cohen.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 9-27-12

Featuring: YMCA After-school programs with Laura Winniford-Hodgens; Fetu Escoto re Health Fair Babys to Boomer Expo.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 9-26-12

Featuring: Heritage Park Zoo’s Heather Brown re Taste of the Wild; Pastor Pam from Anglican Church of the Holy Spirit; Gregory Scott.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 9-25-12

Featuring: Cartoonist John DeAngelis; David Kabbill re Yavapai Fair.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 9-24-12

Featuring: Medicare and Prescription Drugs by Dr. Betsy Thompson of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 9-20-12

Featuring: Trauma Intervention Program’s Crisis Resource Manager, Carrie Ziemanski; Alzheimer Association’s Marsha Douglas re a Chili Cook-off.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 9-13-12

Featuring: Musician J.L. Pike at Elks; US Polo Assoc. Governor Dan Coleman; Nancy Burgess re new book about Mayer.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 9-12-12

Featuring: Melanie Jacobsen re United Way Symposium; AGF’s Zen Mocarski re Black-footed Ferret Recovery project; Dr. Wallach re longevity.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 9-11-12

Featuring: Melanie Jacobsen re United Way Symposium; AGF’s Zen Mocarski re Black-footed Ferret Recovery project; Dr. Wallach re longevity.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 9-10-12

Featuring: Becky Ruffner re Central Arizona Land Trust; YHS Missy Paschke- Wood re Critter Catch-Up; Sanford Cohen.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 9-6-12

Featuring: Movie Talk with Dan Harkins; Walter Belcher re Otis Redding Tribute at Elks Opera House.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 9-5-12

Featuring:Debbie Stewart re Senior Expo; Goodies for Grunts with Murrell Worth; Gregory Scott w/ best of the news.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 9-4-12

Featuring: Ecosa’s Tony Brown and Levi Mason re Eco-Loco Festival at Tim’s Toyota Center; Gene Kasprzyk of Lifeline Ambulance re LifeCare program

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 8-30-12

Featuring: Movie Talk with Mike Kenny; Sherry Cornett re a new way of eating healthy.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 8-28-12

Featuring: Greg Hull & Mari Eccavaria re Skull Valley Loop Challenge; Capturing Kids’ Hearts with Heritage Middle School Principal Scott Muir.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 8-27-12

Featuring: Jane Judd, survivor of Japanese Internment camp in Indonesia; YHS’s Missy Paschke-Wood; Sanford Cohen.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 8-23-12

Featuring: Movie Talk with Kim Kapin; Kristy Snyder re Hospice Family Care Fundraiser.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 8-21-12

Featuring: Neil Thomas re Pct Western Heritage Days; JC Trujillo re PBR Bullriding; Judy York re March of Dimes.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 8-20-12

Featuring: Mike Vax re Pct Jazz Summit; YHS’s Missy Paschke-Wood; Sanford Cohen.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 8-16-12

Featuring: Dan Harkins, Movie Talk; Horses with HEART’s Arlene Alen.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 8-15-12

Featuring: John Guittierez re Fitness for 10; Mary Byrne re HealthFit at YMCA; Gregory Scott w/Best of the News.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 8-14-12

Featuring: Fred Veil re Western History Symposium; Michael Broggie…Disney Author.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 8-13-12

Featuring: Boys&Girls Club director, Casey Knight; YHS Missy; Sanford Cohen.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 8-9-12

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 8-8-12

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 8-7-12

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 8-6-12

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 8-2-12

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 8-1-12