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Q&A with Sandy Moss Archives

Q&A with Sandy Moss

Monday – Thursday 3pm to 4pm

Q&A with Sandy Moss’ new KQNA incarnation began with an all-new one-hour-long live show on January 3, 2006. Before that, Sandy’s show had been much shorter and pre-recorded. For more than seven years, Sandy has been interviewing everyone from area police, to visiting celebrities, getting the latest news of non-profits, financial advice, and even the Best of the News from KDDL’s Gregory Scott. Q&A with Sandy Moss is a four-day-a-week show on KQNA AM 1130 and 99.9 FM that will inform and entertain.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 3-28-13

Author Rachelle Sparks shines a star on “Once Upon a Wish”; and Bob Riggell, Mr. “Hemi Under Glass”.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 3-27-13

Heather Borwn eggs us on about Heritage park Zoo’s Eggstravaganza; Clyde Neville tunes us into the Music Man.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 3-26-13

Author Kris Neri lets us in on “Revenge on Rt. 66”; Paul Border talks about Yav. BB/BS Foundation; and we get the dirt on NELA’s Winter Farmers’ Market with 3 students.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 3-25-13

H&R Block’s Barbara Clark on taxes; authors of “Breaking Iraq” and Sanford on sports.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 3-21-13

Pct College with Dr. Brian Sajko; Movie Talk with Mike Kenny.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 3-20-13

WWII expert Alan Roesler (coming to ERAU); Best of News with Gregory Scott.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 3-19-13

The Best of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis coming to the Elks; Jody Drake with PV performing arts; Chris Eubank talks to us about “Children of Eden” at YCPAC.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 3-18-13

The Garden Guy – Ken Lain, PV and PCT Community Gardens with Bonnie Flores and Dave Klever, and sports with Sanford.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 3-14-13

IRS’s Bill Brunson, Frank Bustos and special agent Brian Watson; Brad Newman and YEI’s Knucklehead band. With guest host Kim Kapin.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 3-13-13

Arlene Alen talks to us about the Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Academy; performer Suzy Bogguss chats about her upcoming performance at Elks.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 3-12-13

Tara Hitchcock tells us about the Health and Wealth Raffle; Cindy Gresser talks about theSmoki Museum Rug and Art auction; Shea Richland and Stephen Scott gives us the dirt on altered seeds.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 3-11-13

Author Ed Berger about educational system; Debbie Stewart tells us about the Senior expo; and we catch up on Sports with Sanford.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 3-7-13

Musicians Jo Berger and Kevin Schaevel; Movie Talk with Mike Kenny

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 3-6-13

Peer Assistance and Leadership Club at PHS with Kristen Menger, Willy Andrews and Cody Colville; musician from Prescott Opry at Elks; Best of News with Gregory.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 3-5-13

Harry Haff gives us a taste of the Southwest Wine Challenge; Pamela Jones tells us about the Trauma Intervention Program event; and we get nostalgic with “Last Stop Bakersfield” at the Elks with Michael Nordberg and Danny Kreiger.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 3-4-13

YRMC’s CEO Tim Barnett informs us about the Affordable Health Care Act; United Way’s Melanie Jacobsen helps us learn about free tax assistance; and we go over sports with Sanford.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 2-28-13

Carrie Rodriguez, Real Gangster Squad

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 2-27-13

The Artists Path, Tribute to Doors, Best of News

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 2-26-13

ImmunoPterin, Anima Manga, Lavendar Farm

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 2-25-13

Dana Stabelnow, Cheri’s Cat Rescue, and sports

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 2-21-13

Author Kip Koehler about remodeling; Dr. Joel Wallach; Trumpeter John Hafer re Sea Chanters Navy chorale.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 2-20-13

Cindy Holt re Debunking the paranormal; Sam’s Club’s Regan Lester re MS Drive; Gregory re Best of News

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 2-19-13

Pat Schwiess re Sedona Int’l Film Festival; Kate Hawkes re Elks Opera House Anniversary; A Doo Wop Diva who’ll be performing at Elks Opera House.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 2-18-13

Ken Lain re Spring gardening; YHS Missy Paschke-Wood re Critter Catch-Up; Sanford re sports

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 2-14-13

Valentine’s Day: Movie Talk about Valentine and romantic movies with Kim Kapin; PCA’s Young Playwrights Festival with Jon Meyer.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 2-12-13

Tough Mudders, Senior Connection, Almost Maine

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 2-11-13

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 2-7-13

With Guest Host Kim Kapin.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 2-6-13

With Guest Host gregory Scott.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 2-4-13

With Guest Host Kim Kapin.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 1-31-13

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 1-30-13

Guest host Gregory Scott.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 1-29-13

Guest host Gregory Scott.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 1-28-13

Guest host Gregory Scott.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 1-24-13

Guest host Gregory Scott.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 1-23-13

Guest host Sanford Cohen.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 1-21-13

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 1-16-13

Ed Gary re Pct Opry; Margaraet Garvey re MLK Day of Service; Gregory Scott w/ Best of the News.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 1-15-13

YCPAC season with Randy Mayes; Pct Police Traces Gordon re Domestic Abuse.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 1-14-13

Yavapai Amateur Radio Club’s Don Bauer; YHS, Sanford Cohen

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 1-10-13

Golden Globe nominations with Mike Kenny; Barbara Mikkelson re U.S. Vets organization.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 1-9-13

Filmmakers Stephanie Argy & Alex Boehm re “Shouting Secrets; Gregory Scott w/ Best of the News.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 1-8-13

Norm Fisk and new DVD, “Resurrecting Ghosts”; Movie Talk with Dan Harkins.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 1-7-13

PV Town Planner Ruth Mayday about General Plan; YHS; Sanford Cohen.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 1-3-13

Singer/songwriter Tom Chapin; SHM’s Jan MacKell Collins re historical prostitution in Prescott.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 1-2-13

PCA’s Jon Meyer re “Harvey”; YC’s OLLI institute with John Mazell and Bob Kane.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 12-31-12

2012 Year in Review and Predictions for 2013 with Bill Monroe.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 12-20-12

Rosemary and Frankie Chavez re ROAR album and more music; Santa Claus =).

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 12-19-12

Jeanne Marie Hill/United Blood Services holiday drive; Pct Police Lt. Cory Cassoon & Fred Lombardo/Do the Ride Thing; Gregory Scott.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 12-18-12

Dr. Michael McKinnon & nutritionist Carol Ceryes of Medical Weight Solutions; YRMC’s Dale Black and Cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Pierre Tibi re Blood Mgmt Program.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 12-17-12

Judy Collins; YHS’s Missy Paschke-Wood; Sanford Cohen.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 12-13-12

Jon Meyer & Tom Agostino re PCA’s “Cowboy Xmas”; Dave Thomas re TRAX Dance Club.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 12-12-12

Cason Murphy re ThrifTheatre; Robert Shaw re “Blue Xmas” at Elks; Gregory.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 12-11-12

Debbie Steward re Stocking Stuffer Bazaar; Kate Hawkes re Elks NYE event; Ann-Marie Benz re Acker Xmas card.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 12-10-12

Yavapai College’s Steve Walker about wine-growing venture at YC; YHS Missy Paschke-Wood; Sanford Cohen.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 12-6-12

Movie Talk with Dan Harkins; Author Tom Van Dyke re a “Cowboy Xmas.”.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 12-5-12

IRS criminal investigations Brian Watson and Lisa Giovanelli; Gregory Scott w/ Best of the News.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 12-4-12

David Sayen re Medicare Open Enrollment; Diana Dalsass re CASA for Kids Holiday gifts; Cindy DiFiore re Acker Musical Showcase.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 12-3-12

Prescott Valley Eyecare’s Dr. Courtright; YHS Missy Paschke-Wood;Sanford with Sports.