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Q&A with Sandy moss Archives

Q&A with Sandy Moss

Monday – Thursday 3pm to 4pm

Q&A with Sandy Moss’ new KQNA incarnation began with an all-new one-hour-long live show on January 3, 2006. Before that, Sandy’s show had been much shorter and pre-recorded. For more than seven years, Sandy has been interviewing everyone from area police, to visiting celebrities, getting the latest news of non-profits, financial advice, and even the Best of the News from KDDL’s Gregory Scott. Q&A with Sandy Moss is a four-day-a-week show on KQNA AM 1130 and 99.9 FM that will inform and entertain.

Q&A with Sandy Moss 7-31-13

Sharla Mortimer re Mortimer Farms; Maggi Lieber re TTC’s Gem and Mineral Show; Gregory with Best of News

Q&A with Sandy Moss 7-30-13

Scott Hein re Antique Auto Show; Heather Houk re Farmers’ Markets; Lori Pavla-Pratt re Body Bright Laser

Q&A with Sandy Moss 7-29-13

Ken Lain re Monsoon Gardening; TTC’s Dave Kredel on Firefighters Memorial; Sanford Cohen with sports

Q&A with Sandy Moss 7-25-13

Author Sue Knapp re Defying Poverty with Bicycles; Dave Kredell re Tim’s Toyota Center summer line-up; Neil Thomas re Whiskey Row Shootout

Q&A with Sandy Moss 7-24-13

Fashion Show; Ed Riley re Not so Gentle Tamer dedication; Gregory with Best of News

Q&A with Sandy Moss 7-23-13

Robert Patterson about orthodontics; Fred Veil Western History Symposium

Q&A with Sandy Moss 7-22-13

Helen Stephenson on Prescott Film Festival; Kate Hawkes “Elk in the Attic” at the Elks; Sanford with sports

Q&A with Sandy Moss 7-18-13

[both interviews via phone] 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Review with Bret Kaiser; Movie Talk with Dan Harkins

Q&A with Sandy Moss 7-17-13

Open Door’s Diane Iverson re CCJ’s Fair Start for kids; Jane Casselman and Lynne Haeseler re Arcosanti’s Italian Night; Gregory with Best of News

Q&A with Sandy Moss 7-16-13

PCA’s Jon Meyer re “Footloose” and Mini Arts Festival; Mike Vax re “Howlin’ at the Highlands.”

Q&A with Sandy Moss 7-15-13

Guest Host Sanford Cohen: [via phone] Wildfire Specialist Michael Reger; Yavapai College Foundation’s Paul Kirchgraber

Q&A with Sandy Moss 7-11-13

[via phone]Musician Khris Dodge with Surf Rock Beach Party at YCPAC; Movie Talk with Mike Kenny

Q&A with Sandy Moss 7-10-13

Sharlot Hall Museum’s Dr. Sandra Lynch re Prescott Indian Art Market; [via phone] musician Ed Gary with the Prescott Opry; Best of News with Gregory

Q&A with Sandy Moss 7-08-13

Dr. Lisa Floyd-Hanna re fire ecology; [via phone] Coping with Tragedy–Patricia Haynes and fireman Chris Don; sports with Sanford

Q&A with Sandy Moss 7-03-13

Shannon Miller re Yavapai Spay and Neuter Days/Liv Nilson and Fast Freddy re Whiskey Row Boot Race; Best of News with Gregory

Q&A with Sandy Moss 7-02-13

Singer, songwriter Tracie Cripps; Pct Family Shelter with Carmen Frederick; Frontier Days Rodeo with JC Trujillo

Q&A with Sandy Moss 7-01-13

Arizona Pioneers’ Home with Ted Ihrman and Barbara Jiminez; [via telephone] Prescott history of Smoki the Bear with Lon Yaeger; Sanford with sports

Q&A with Sandy Moss 6-27-13

Musicians Ed Cornett & Bill West; Movie Talk with Mike Kenny

Q&A with Sandy Moss 6-26-13

Blue Rose Cultural Ctr.’s Jody Drake re “A Night off Whiskey Row”; Talking Rock Wine Festival with Chris Heinrich; Best of News

Q&A with Sandy Moss 6-25-13

IRS’s Bill Brunson and special agent for criminal investigation division Brian Watson.

Q&A with Sandy Moss 6-24-13

Prescott Frontier Days’ Rodeo with JC Trujillo; “Straight on Aging” authors George and Sedena Cappellinni; sports with Sanford

Q&A with Sandy Moss 6-19-13

James Strole and Bernadeane re People Unlimited; John O’Hanesian re Walker Days; Gregory with Best of News

Q&A with Sandy Moss 6-17-13

Johnny Anderson, author of “Freedom on the Highway”; Critter Catch-up w/ YHS’s Missy Paschke-Wood; Dewey-Humboldt Museum event w/ JP Gorman

Q&A with Sandy Moss 6-13-13

“Juneteenth” with Milt Cannon; PV Rotary Balloon Fest with Beth Staub; Corey Christians re Yavapai Libraries

Q&A with Sandy Moss 6-12-13

PCA’s Jon Meyer on “The Producers”; the Prescott Opry’s Kiva Keith and Ed Gary; Best of News with Bill Monroe

Q&A with Sandy Moss 6-11-13

Veteran Career Center with Barbara Mikkelson and Robby Alley; Pct Teen Center with Courtney Osterfelt; YAC’s Derron DeRouin

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 6-10-13

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day with Mary Hawkes and Susan Abbott; AGF’s Zen Mocarski re Big Horn Sheep; Sanford with sports

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 6-6-13

Movie Talk with Dan Harkins; Cindy Gresser re Smoki Museum Indian Arts Fest; children author Robin Lieske of Moonlogic Books

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 6-5-13

Andrew Johnson-Schmidt re Tsunami on the Square; Becky Ruffner re Prevent Child Abuse’s Party in the Pine; Gregory with Best of News

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 6-4-13

Chef Molly Beverly re “Slow Food”; Glenn Kaspyrczk and Scott Keilman with Lifeline Ambulance; “Words Empower” with Marta Cloward

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 6-3-13

Becky Salazar with Animal Disaster Services; Theatrics’ Cason Murphy and Tiffany Antone re “Pet Plays”; Sanford with sports

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 5-30-13

Mystery author Joanna Senger; Movie Talk with Mike Kenny

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 5-29-13

Mick Woodcock re Folk Arts Fair at SHM; Meals on Wheels Cowpie event with Bob and Sharon Painer; Best of News with Gregory

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 5-28-13

Dr. Mike McKinnon on Mental Disorders; “Wolf Down Lunch” with Krys Krystosek; ABATE of AZ fundraiser with Ralo

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 5-23-13

Bronzesmith/Kathy Riley, Darrell Phippen/long-standing Memorial Day art show, Musician and former Beach Boy, Ed Carter

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 5-22-13

Gregory Scott with the Best of the News, CCJ’s Vanessa Silverstein/Diaper Drive, Gary Wilder/Atlasta Home Horse Rescue & Horses w/HEART

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 5-21-13

[by phone] AFG’s Zen Mocarski re “Do Not Feed the Animals”; author Sue Broome on new book, “Signs from your Loved Ones.”

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 5-20-13

Dr. Robin Fleck on Skin Cancer Awareness month; [by phone] Yavapai College’s Rue reels us in on the Sedona Student Film Festival; Sanford with sports

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 5-16-13

Movie Talk with Dan Harkins; Author Pam Houston “Contents may have Shifted”

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 5-15-13

Words Empower Women’s Clothing; ERAU Safety Institute with Jackie Luedtke; Gregory Scott with Best of News

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 5-14-13

Pct College’s Brian Sjako/”Go Outdoors”, Author Don Cunningham/“Divorce and Remarriage”, “Whisper in my Good Ear”/JP Perpich & Julie Herrington

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 5-13-13

AZ MS Society’s Jim Elfline tells us about Bike MS; Missy Paschke-Wood on the Critter Catch-up; Sanford with sports.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 5-9-13

Rosalyn Reed gears us up for the Prescott Highland Games; PCA’s Jon Meyer tells us about the “Stage Too” Grand Opening; Gregory with Best of News.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 5-8-13

Rosalyn Reed gears us up for the Prescott Highland Games; PCA’s Jon Meyer tells us about the “Stage Too” Grand Opening; Gregory with Best of News.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 5-7-13

Adam Bartholomew and Jymm Wilborn informs us on Last Chance Intervention; and we learn about ERAU Safety Center.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 5-6-13

Anti-Bullying Rally by Teens Taking Action’s Tess Petereson; Heather Houk on thePrescott Farmer’s Market; Sanford with sports

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 5-2-13

Don Stewart straps us up for All-Mustang Rally; Mile-Hi PBR with a bull rider and David Kredell; Lonely Street Productions’s Robert Shaw on a new partnership with YCPAC

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 5-1-13

Zounds Hearing Center, Dee and Dusty Spitler; Cason Murphy on the Theatrics Theatre’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”; we catch up w/ Gregory Scott

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 4-30-13

Venomous Critters with AGF’s Zen Mocarski; Employers Support of the Guard and Reserve with ASGR’s Butch Wise.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 4-29-13

YRMC’s Rich Tenney on physical therapy; Mary Ann Parker tells us about the Jennifer Parker Foundation; and we catch up w/ Sanford.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 4-25-13

“The Traffic Stop”: with author and former LAPD Detective Robert Morrill.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 4-24-13

CCJ’s Mountain of Food with Vanessa Silverstein; “Advanced Chemistry at PCA with Jon Meyer; the best of news with Gregory Scott

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 4-23-13

Shawn Rydell with Water Smart; “The Gentleman Doc Holliday” at the Palace with Wyatt Earp; “Boys to Men” with Dee Spitler and Charles Matheus

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 4-22-13

Host Gregory Scott: Natl Crime Prevention Week with Pam Moreton and Jennifer Payne; “Digging Safe” with UNS’s Joe Barrios; and we catch up with Sanford

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 4-18-13

Hypnotist Jerry Zarycnzy; PCA’s Alan Sherman Concert

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 4-17-13

Chalk It Up!; Anne Marie Benz on Granite Creek Clean-up; Gregory with Best of News

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 4-16-13

Prescott Area women’s Shelter fundraiser; David Kredell with Tim’s Toyota Center activities; Dr. Robin Fleck tell us about hair Restoration.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 4-15-13

Whiskey Off-Road Mtn Bike Event with Todd Sadow;Verde Valley Equine Festival with Darcy Cochran and Jody Swink; and we catch up with Sanford.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 4-11-13

Movie Talk with Dan Harkins; “Bella Donna” at Elks Theatre with Michelle Tyler.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 4-10-13

Central Yav. Sunrise Soroptimists event with Candy Andrews and Diane Vigne; Pct Alternative Transportation’s Bike Month with Mari Echavarria.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 4-9-13

Sheep Driveways Gathering with Kristine Komar; Naturalist and Whale specialist Brent Nixon.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 4-8-13

The Berlin Airlift with Tom Cossaboom; Diabetes with Dr. Andy Nelson and Kristy Snyder; and we catch up with Sanford Cohen.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 4-4-13

AZ Cowboy Poet Don Edwards; Samantha Rose unravels the mysteries of Arcosanti.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 4-3-13

Playwright and Actress Terry Earp tells us about SHM show; The Thousand Clowns at PCA with Catherine Manning; and we catch up with Gregory Scott.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 4-2-13

Barbara Kult talks to us about “In Your Space Consulting”; Alyce Ayers tees us up for the Habitat for Humanity Golf Tourney.

Q&A w/ Sandy Moss 4-1-13

Verde River Filmmaker Gary Beverly; YHS’s Missy Paschke-Wood; and get caught up on sports with Sanford.